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Aerial Hammock Just (yoga and acrobatics) SET 1 rigging point

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Aerial Hammock SET 1 rigging point, various lengths

An aerial hammock designs to be used in flats or in yoga / fitness studios or outdoor.

Use 1 carabiner to mount it using one rigging point.

A short hammock to be hung under the ceiling or in the door frame for both hanging and sitting, standing poses.

Can be also rigged outdoor on rigging structure, hooks, trees....

A ready set to be rigged on a hook.




Perfect for workout but also as an interesting alternative to a pouf or an armchair and a swing for kids.


Rigged at one point only, it can be quickly mounted/dismantled.


What You can do with this hammock?

You can practice on it:

- standing positions

- sitting positions

- lying positions

- reverse positions


Ready-made kit - you only need a hook in the ceiling or loops / hook for the beam.

Ceiling hooks are here, and beam loops are here.



- yoga

- cardio

- stretching

- dance

- acrobatics

The set contains:

- one steel carabiner 22 kN
- fabric of the length of your choice tied at the tips for easy rigging


Warranty: one year


So in short:


2,2-2,5 m of room - hammock 5m


2,6-3 m of room - hammock 6m


3,1-4 m of room - hammock 7m





JUST fabric - medium stretch Aerial Fabric

- The longest in the market, designed for universal workout

– Excellent for aerial dance, aerial acrobatics

- The fabric is excellent for children.

- It is highly flexible and it fits well in the hand of a child.

- it is easy to climb and wrap


At first, the hammock is stretched lengthwise. Why?


Thanks to this, it absorbs "falls" and dynamic techniques (flips, flips ...). What is it stretching for? So that it hurts less - thanks to its elasticity after the "fall", the hammock absorbs  flight energy. This may seem strange at first. Over time, the hammock will stretch and will not be as flexible anymore.

The hammock also stretches  longwide - all people up to 160 cm tall will easily lie down on their backs or stomachs, hidden in a cocoon from head to toe.


More information:

Fabric width: 160 cm (+-5 cm)

The hammock is highly stretchy lengthwise (10%), the stretchiness decreasing with use. 

The hammock also stretches widthwise a bit, which allows users taller than the width of the material to position themselves inside comfortably.

It withstands a dynamic load of up to 800 kg, static load: 1380 kg. 

In practice, it can be used by 2 people of a total maximum weight of 200 kg.

The fabric is made in Poland.
The fabric is attested in conformity with the standard: PN-EN ISO 13934-1:2013-07


JUST - Voltige - Firetoys?

What is the difference?

Our silks differ from the Voltige ones - Just is more stretchy, more wide and not so thin.

Is different from Firetoys - Just is more stretchy, more wide - so beautiful coocoons and butterflies;)


Air, Natura or Just?

There are people who prefer AIR230 to other Nature. Both materials are good. In our opinion, Nature is better for static exercise and meditation, sound bathing, relaxation. AIR230 also allows for such activities, but it is more convenient for dynamic exercises, flow exercises.

The Just is narrow, so for adults it will be less comfortable to lie in a relaxing position. Natura and Just stretch in length, for beginners it can be a problem, with time the fabric will stretch and stay at the selected height.


Safety rigging:

Mount the hammock on a rigging point or a system withstanding several times the weight of the user:
- triple weight for static exercises
- 12-times the weight for dynamic exercises


Storage and maintenance:

Keep in a dry place at an ambient temperature, away from sharp and coarse objects.
Wash at 40 degrees Celsius (without the hardware: the carabiners). Untie the knots before washing.


Please note:

While putting up the hammock, please be careful with the carabiner so as not to damage the fabric.
Before every use, check if the fabric has any holes or snags.
A hammock with serious damage is not usable.
Exercise without shoes, belts, protruding jewellery and other sharp objects.



Watch the video comparison of Natura and Air:



See the differences between AIR and Just in this video:


Comparison of the length of the hammock 5 m, 6 m and 7 m:



The most popular hammock sequence - show, overview, mistakes:



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