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Aerial Swing set for kids, set for home

If you child enjoys climbing up ladders and trees, loves to swing or hang upside down and hide in a cocoon, the hammock/silks combo is a product for you.

There are two options of hanging this set in the child’s room or the terrace:

1. As a hammock - swing where it can swing, hide, hang upside down and perform various poses
2. As aerial silks to climb, revolve and perform poses.

How does this set differ from the 5 m or 7 m hammocks or the 12 m silks?

The Aerial swing perfect set consists of a fabric 6 m/7 m/8 m long (aerial 8 and carabiner) rigged based on one of the methods specified above.
A 5 m hammock would be too short for children
(they could be unable to reach it).
A longer hammock also means a possibility of performing more figures, for example standing in various poses, spinning into the hammock...

The aerial 8 makes it possible to reposition the hammock and replace it with the silks, which will hang safely from the ceiling to the floor.
A 12 m silk would be too long in low rooms as too much of the fabric would be lying on the floor.

Development through fun – why choose aerial swing set?

With this set, your child strengthens its muscles and improves its coordination and body awareness.
The aerial swing set may also be of assistance in stretching (recommended for children who practice gymnastics, athletics, ballet, dance).
The possibility of hanging upside down, spinning and hiding in a cocoon gives children plenty of joy as an opportunity to take a break from homework or to have fun with friends.

Is the Aerial Swing Set safe?

A properly rigged set is completely safe for children. 

If you are worried that your child may hit the floor while playing, put a soft mattress under the combo. 

At first it may be a sleeping mattress or a thin gym mattress (5 mm or thinner), it may also be a foam puzzle play mat. 

Such thin soft mattresses or play mats can be bought in many points of sale or online shops.

The Aerial Swing Set contains:

- the selected length of the JUST fabric (6 m or 7 m or 8 m)
- 1 carabiner 22 kN
- 1 aerial 8 22kN
Fabric width:: 160 cm (+-5 cm).

The set we ship is by default tied into an aerial silk. 

If you want it retied into a hammock, please state this in a comment to your order.


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