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Tapes for aerial hoop or trapeze


  • white
  • black
  • red
  • navy blue
  • green
  • yellow
  • purple
  • organge
  • gray
  • light blue
  • magenta
Shipping time: 3 dni

Tape for the aerial trapeze or hoop 

Mueller Tapes for hoops or trapezes.
Intended by the manufacturer for rehabilitation purposes, they are perfect for aerial hoop and trapeze taping.
Roll length: 9.1 m
Roll width: 3.6 cm
One hoop requires 1.5–2 rolls

Taped hoop versus non-taped hoop - advantages and disadvantages of both options:

Non-taped hoop:

– it is more slippery, which can make it harder to perform certain techniques (aside from hoop rolls, where a slippery surface makes turns easier)
- is subject to wear and tear more quickly
- abrasions, bumping during transport and detachment

Taped hoop:
- not slippery
- the tape absorbs sweat and dirt for easier workout on hot days or outdoors
- you can change the colour of the hoop by buying various tape colours to adapt it to the colour of the show, the costume...
- Mueller tapes have a strong adhesive so they do not come off, do not peel off and ensure steady grip

How to tape an aerial hoop?

Take the wheel off the suspension point and put it on the floor.

Assume that the suspension point is on the clock at 12.00.

Start sticking the hoop from 7 o'clock, counterclockwise to "12 o'clock" - to the handle. Then repeat the same process from the other side from 5 o'clock clockwise to "12 o'clock" - to the handle.

If you don't know how to do it, write in the comment to the order:

"Please wrap the wheel." Of course, this only works for people ordering a wheel andtape in one order.

How strong are the tapes?

Depending on the intensity of use from 3 to 12 months.


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