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About us

From Poland with aerial-love;)

Aerial Silks is an international store with aerial silks, aerial hoop and aerial yoga hammocks, based in Poland.

All props are manufactured in Poland or in the European Union.

In addition to professional and certified props for aerial dancing and yoga, we also offer clothing, equipment and a free-standing structure for aerial acrobatics.

Since 2009 we practice and cooperate and create dance in the air, contemporary circus and aerial yoga.

Since 2010, we have been producing fabrics for aerial silks and hammocks on our special order.
We check our props in practice, so that they meet safety standards, meet Your needs, and please the eye and the camera.

All the props and clothing are the result of our experience and the needs of recipients - It is with you, that we create the equipment and clothes you need!

Since 2010, we have been runing trainings, courses and workshops for children, adults and people with disabilities mainly in Poland.

We care about the promotion and development of aerial acrobatics, because it is a great passion that develops both the body and mind.
We are happy to help and advise - how to hang the equipment, what to choose ...

(EJC 2017 Lublin, Poland - rigging, cooperation, workshops, props)

We have special price offers for schools and studios - we also help to plan the suspension of props in the room.

Join our international cooperation
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