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MAG Aerial Silks /Tissus Fabric LOW stretch Per Meter


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Recommended for aerial silks / acrobatic tissus for high rooms.

It looks beautiful on stage.

It does not stretch, which makes it easier to learn to climb.

Choose any length to suit your needs

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MAG fabric - low stretch Aerial Fabric

- Fabric that gives You a small amount of bounce

- Enough cushioning for drops and slides

- You do not need to drain your energy while climbing

– Excellent for aerial dance, aerial acrobatics

- it is easy to climb and wrap

- Fabric do not constrict you or cut into you

An epic return of this material.In 2009-2010, we used this material for dancing on scarves (aerial silks).

It is more "fleshy" than JUST, less stretchy.

It is ideal for high altitudes and for outdoor training (it does not stretch and is not blown away by wind as easily as JUST or AIR).

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MAG - Voltige - Prodigy?

What is the difference?

Mag is wider than Unicycle but not so wide as Prodigy. Has the elasticity 4 - 6%.

For example: Unicycle fabric is 8 - 11% stretchy, Prodigy fabric is 9 - 14 % stretchy.

What length should I choose?


For rooms 2.2-2.5m high - a hammock with 5-6m of fabric

for rooms of 2.6-2.8 m - a hammock made of 6 m of fabric

for rooms 2.9-3.5m - a hammock made of 7m of fabric

Aerial silks:

2 * height + 1 m

- Material folded in half, hung on a climbing eight.
For example: 4m high room = you need min. 9m of material


- Regularly tested

- Withstands dynamic load up to 800 kg,

- Static strength: 1380 kg. In practice, it can be used by 2 people with a total weight of max. 200 kg.
- The material is certified in accordance with the following standard: PN-EN ISO 13934-1: 2013-07

More information:

Fabric width: 150 cm (+-5 cm).

It withstands a dynamic load of up to 800 kg,

static load: 1380 kg.

In practice, vertical silks can be used by 2 people of a total maximum weight of 200 kg.

The silks stretch a little widthwide.

The fabric is made in Poland.

Mount the silks on a rigging point or a system withstanding several times the weight of the user:

- triple for static exercises

- 12-fold for dynamic exercises

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Storage and maintenance:

Keep in a dry place at an ambient temperature, away from sharp and coarse objects.

Wash at 40 degrees Celsius (without the hardware: the carabiners, the aerial 8 or the swivel).

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Please note:

While putting up the silks, please be careful with the carabiner and alpine 8 so as not to damage the fabric.

Before every use, check if the fabric has any holes or snags.

Silks with serious damage are not usable.

Exercise without shoes, belts, protruding jewellery and other sharp objects.


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