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Hand loop


  • black
  • claret
  • navy blue
  • silver
Shipping time: 3 dni

Hand loop

A soft and safe hand loop for aerial loop dance (lyra)

Another gadget – an upgrade to your lyra!

Put the hand loop on the lyra and practice new techniques!

What is a hand loop?

It is a durable and flexible loop to put your hand or foot through.

With a hand loop, you can turn around safely by your hand or foot and perform a wide range of static figures.

During a show, you can quickly remove and put on the hand loop.

Example of use:

Made of a sling trimmed with velvet.

Soft and safe, does not rub the skin.

The addition of comfort and safety, its appearance also adds possibilities during shows - it looks beautiful in photos or videos.

Technical data:

length: 50cm

strength: 2000kg

filling material: yarn

sheathing material: polyester, velvet

breaking strength: 14 tons


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