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FULL Aerial Yoga Set Wide 290 cm

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Full set 290 cm wide! with easy height change


This is the professional, best yoga hammock for home and yoga studio. For aerial yoga fans of all skill levels.  Soft and flexible nylon fabric, 290 cm wide, stretches to about 350 cm. 

You can lie comfortably in a relaxed position with your legs and arms straight. Nice to touch, it does not stretch in length. 

Hammock withstands up to 1200 kg of static load and up to 150 kg of dynamic load. Thanks to this, the hammocks are completely safe. Two people with a total weight of 200 kg can train on it. Hammocks are tested in accordance with PN-EN ISO 13934-1: 2013-07, which guarantees the highest quality and full safety.

It can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Length: Please select a variant 

Width: 290cm (stretches up to 350 cm) 


Set contains: 

- Fabric of the desired length with tied knots 

- 2 oval screwed carabiners, 22kN 

- 2 straps to change the height of the hammock, 22kN 

- storage bag


Warranty: one year 


How to change the height of the hammock? 


Just slide the tapes over the fabric. 

Before shipping, the straps are set at the lowest height of the hammock - the hammock hangs the lowest above the ground. 

If you want to raise the hammock height, slide the webbing down over the fabric. 

This way you will lift the hammock up. 

If you want to lower the hammock, slide the tape across the fabric towards the ends (knots). 



How to choose the length of the hammock for yourself? 


Room 2.2-2.5 m high - "AIR" set 4 m 

Room with a height of 2.6-3.0 m - set "AIR" 5 m 

Room with a height of 3.1-4.5 m - "AIR" set 6 m 

Room with a height of 4.6 m and higher - "AIR" set 7m 

The set with 2 carabiners allows you to hang the hammock on 1 / 2 points.


Safe montage:

It can be quickly and easily suspended from the existing hook / s in the ceiling.

The hammock should be mounted on a hook or system that can withstand a multiple of the exercising person's weight:

- 3 times for static exercises

- 12 times for dynamic exercises

How was the AIR hammock made?


The hammock was created after 10 years of experience with aerial yoga.

It is the answer to your needs:

"... make it wide ...",

"so that he does not lower himself when I sit on it ...",

"soft and nice, but not too thin ...",

"I don't want to buy from China, I prefer in EU ..."

And we did it!
Polish production. "thicker" than those from the east.

Durable and certified!


Why AIR230?

Thin eastern hammocks are slippery and stick to the body. (We tested both types). The AIR hammock is a compromise between flexibility, thickness and softness.

What does a change in height do?

Hammock right next to the floor: can be helpful in stretching, loosening up. For small children it is a great swing - a cocoon. In rehabilitation it is used to increase muscle tone and work with the labyrinth. The child is lying on his stomach in a hammock and, for example, he places puzzles on the floor, or pulls up, pushes himself off the floor with his hands in different directions.

Hammock at knee height: strengthening and stretching exercises. For preschoolers it is a safe height for rocking, the opportunity to relax and calm down in a "cocoon".

Hammock at navel level: strengthening, stretching and inversion exercises as well as acrobatic exercises and dynamic techniques. It is the most commonly used exercise height for adults and children.

Thanks to the tapes, we can adjust the height of the hammock to the centimeter - thanks to this, the training is comfortable and pleasant. In addition, they allow for a quick change of height - e.g. a different height of hanging a hammock for a child and a different height for his parents or siblings and colleagues.

How to use and care for a hammock?

Store in a dry place at room temperature, away from sharp and rough objects.
Wash at 40 degrees C (without accessories: carabiners).

Knots must be untied before washing.



Storage and maintenance:

Keep in a dry place at an ambient temperature, away from sharp and coarse objects.
Wash at 40 degrees Celsius (without the hardware: the carabiners). Untie the knots before washing.

Please note:

While putting up the hammock, please be careful with the carabiner so as not to damage the fabric.
Before every use, check if the fabric has any holes or snags.
A hammock with serious damage is not usable.
Exercise without shoes, belts, protruding jewellery and other sharp objects.


Watch the video comparison of Natura and Air230:



See the differences between AIR230 and Just in this video:


Comparison of the length of the hammock 5 m, 6 m and 7 m:



The most popular hammock sequence - show, overview, mistakes:




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