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Aerial Straps

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 Aerial straps or straps


Aerial straps are one of the aerial props, on which you can perform various strength techniques, dynamic transitions, effective duet arrangements. Straps can also be a prop for dancing in the air in a more theatrical convention.

What are the straps made of?

Two straps of soft velvet trim have a special polyester core. They end with loops. loops 25cm, for wrist or ankle. Thanks to the soft velvet hem, we can use them on bare skin, they do not cause abrasions and burns. Thanks to special stitching, the belts ensure safety and comfort during training and performances.

What and how do we use straps?

By wrapping the loops around the hands and wrists, we can perform grips, twists, flips and stunts that require great strength and precision, similar to exercises on gymnastic rings.

What does a set of braces consist of?

The basic set includes:

  • 2 belts with loops at the ends of the selected length
  • 4 clamps - 2 on each belt (a special "ring" that we slide as close as possible to the hand / wrist / leg to immobilize the limb in the belt loop).
  • 2 delta carabiners

Additional variants:

To take full advantage of the acrobatics belts, i.e. to be able to perform rotation techniques on 1 or 2 belts, choose the full option.

The full variant includes:

  • 2 belts with loops at the ends of the selected length
  • 4 clamps - 2 on each belt (a special "ring" that we slide as close as possible to the hand / wrist / leg to immobilize the limb in the belt loop).
  • 2 delta carabiners
  • 1 work plate
  • 4 oval steel carabiners
  • 3 swivels

What length of straps to choose?

If you train in a high room (gymnasium, sports hall), choose the longest variant of 3m or order longer belts from 4m to 6m - on request.
If you plan to train at home or outdoors in a place where the suspension point cannot be too high (less than 5m), choose 2m long belts.

Technical details:
Hemmed strap width: 5 cm
Loop size: 25 cm
Core material: polyester
Hem material: velvet
Black colour


The video thanks to:

A little history about straps:

The straps discipline was originally a Chinese specialty in which athletes performed strength techniques. Many of the movements are similar to those of gymnastic rings. The pioneers of modern air belts were the twins Yuri and Valery Panteleenko, known as the Panteleenko brothers. The brothers began their stage career by participating in a Russian illusionist's magic show. During a show in Rostov-on-Don in 1969, Vladivien Levshin, Rubanov's acrobatics coach, saw their athleticism and potential and began to train them to perform what would become a milestone in the history of brawling. Previously, the strap routine was done in a static position, only moving up and down. Levshin introduced swinging, circular and duet routines. These new elements, not to mention the elegance and similarity of the brothers, added a new level of grace and beauty. In 1973, they won the All-Union Circus Competition of the Soviet Union. Then they began touring with the Moscow State Circus.
In 1983, the brothers performed at the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival, but were largely ignored by the judges, receiving only the prize of the city of Monaco. It wasn't until the early 1990s that the Panteleenko brothers' style gained wider acceptance. Today, almost all belt routines carry a trace of their original routine.

In 1989, Yuri died of a heart attack. Valery continued the performance of the Panteleenko brothers, taking Igor Gruzen as Yuri's successor. They performed until 1995, when Valery retired from performing at the age of 50 to become the head rigger of Barnum's Kaleidoscape, eventually retiring to Florida. Valery died of cancer in January 2006, but was succeeded by his son Maxime, who still performs today.

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