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Aerial yoga for the spine









Aerial yoga connects yoga poses with dance, fitness and stretching elements.

The exercises are performed in a special hammock, preventing joint overload.

Aerial yoga exercises strengthen, stretch and relax the whole body. 


In this article we will introduce poses that help you keep your spine healthy.

Many people have bad posture habits, sit too much or bend the neck looking on their phone.

These behaviours can lead to blockages, muscle tension and muscle strain or making the bad posture even worse.

We can have lower back, thorasic spine or neck pains more and more often.


Nowadays back pain became a problem o millions of people. More and more people suffer from back stiffness, or the spaces between their vertebrae get smaller, leading to worse mobility. We fell not only pain, but frustration or depression. 

What habits hurt your spine:

  • Leaning over your phone with your head down
  • Talking on the phone while holding it between your head and shoulder
  • Office work 8h a day
  • Working on your laptop, sitting on a couch
  • Looking down while walking (e.g. constantly during walks)
  • Sleeping in an uncomfortable position (and/or on a bad mattress)
  • Previous injuries (most often not completely cured)
  • Tension and stress
  • Uncomfortable shoes or high heels
  • Lifting heavy objects incorrectly or constant work with heavy objects
  • Driving a car many hours a day

How to help yourself:

Strengthening and stretching neck, upper and lower back muscles and tendons is one of the ways to relieve your spine.

Massage, sauna, hot bath will relax your body but will not prepare your spine for everyday challenges.

Dance and any kind of movement will help us oxygenate and, depending on the kind of activity, stretch and strengthen our body.

Aerial yoga will effectively improve spine health with it's decompression exercises.


Spine strengthening and stretching poses:


Inverted lotus pose:

This pose will relax your back and help your vertebrae decompress.


Inverted pigeon pose):

Helps releasing hip joins and muscles; helps alighning your spine. Perfect pose for people working by a desk.


One legged king pigeon pose:

Helps releasing lower back.


Warrior pose:

This pose requires a lot of balance and coordination if we perform it correctly.

It's a pose where we can go through a few difficulty levels.

We hope you like this article.

Soon we will add new knowledge-based posts.


Greetings from team



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