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1 or 2 points? Or how to rig an aerial hammock? 0
1 or 2 points? Or how to rig an aerial hammock?









Before buying an aerial hammock you may wonder how to rig it?

“inthe studio it is like that” “I saw a different solution…”

How many solutions are there? Which one to choose?

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of 1 or 2-point rigging.

Single-point rigging is when an aerial hammock is hung on 1 hook (point).

Double-pointrigging is when an aerial hammock is hung on 2 hooks (points) –like a swing.

Advantages and disadvantages of single and double-point rigging




You do not spin, it is easier to maintain the motion direction(forward-backward).

It is easier to find the centre of the aerial hammock.

The hammock fabric does not gather above your head, which leaves more space in the case of short aerial hammocks.


It enables doing rotary techniques. If the aerial hammock is additionally equipped with a swivel, rotary techniques can be exercised – they are particularly popular among children.

Some positions can be easier to do because the aerial hammock does not“pull” to the sides.

Ina hammock you are hidden like in a cocoon – you can’t see whatis outside, which fosters relaxation.

It is easier to suspend an aerial hammock on one point – it means less drilling in the ceiling, and if the room is small there is no need to determine where the front and the back will be; the minimum distance to the furniture or walls is 1-1.5 m.


Some techniques which involve fabric crossing are very difficult oreven impossible for beginners.

Youare not able to change the motion direction – if there is littles pace, you have to be careful e.g. at swinging.

When doing sequences e.g. with your right leg/right side of your body,you are not able to do it with the other leg/side of your body because the aerial hammock crosses; it means you have to leave the aerial hammock and enter again, which makes the workout interrupted.

It requires planning the space and ceiling mounting with two hooks –if the ceiling is not strong enough, it can be dangerous.


Beginners can find it hard to separate the fabric.

Not everybody likes rotary motion/spinning (nausea).

Whatis better?

There is no unambiguous answer.

The solution you prefer is the better one,or in other words the type of rigging you can make at home/studio orin your garden is better.

If you have to drill a hole in the ceiling to hand the aerial hammock, you’d rather start with a single-point aerial hammock –you can fix the other rigging point later.

If you have a beam/wooden beam, it can be used for handing an aerial hammock on 1 or 2 hooks (points). NOTE – you need twice more accessories for double-point rigging. You can choose a cost-savingoption and start with a single point and add the other one at a later time.


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