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Is aerial dancing for you/ your child? 0
Is aerial dancing for you/ your child?









In this article you will read about:

  1. History of aerial dance.
  2. Aerial dance versus other sports disciplines.
  3. Who is aerial dance for?


Aerial dance is a combination of dance and gymnastics/acrobatics, performed on pieces of equipment suspended above the ground, including a trapeze, aerial silks, aerial hammock, circle etc. or on high pieces of equipment standing on the ground, e.g. a Chinese pole.



Aerial acrobatics has been performed in circuses for many years.

Since the 1990s aerial silks dance has become popular owing to Cirque du Soleil. The directors of the circus performances came across an idea to do acrobatic figures in the air to make them more spectacular and better visible.

Since then aerial silks dance has gradually become more popular in Poland and worldwide also owing to You’ve Got Talent and acrobats taking part in the talent show. Since the beginning of the c. 20th more places were established in Poland where one can learn aerial dance.

Cirque du Soleil "Alegria", fot. The Buzz Magazines



Here are two directions of aerial dance development:

  1. One of them origins from artistic gymnastics where the aerial silks are used for showing such figures as splits or body bending.
  2. The other direction is rooted in the dance and theatre and the aerial silks are used as a prop to tell a story, as a means to share emotions or reveal the character’s nature.

Since the 1990s aerial yoga has been developing simultaneously with aerial dancing, which involves doing yoga exercises and asanas using a hammock suspended above the ground. An aerial hammock relieves the backbone load, facilitates doing reverse figures, and fosters muscle relaxation and stretching.

Aerial conditioning in turn is a set of muscle strengthening and developing exercises done with aerial silks, aerial hammock or trapeze.

Aerial yoga / conditioning class with Justyna Kozulska-Biesiada



Aerial dance can be done both by adults and children.

There is no upper or lower age limit but aerial dance is not recommended for children under 8 because the young backbone, muscles as well as body and space awareness are not developed enough for such a type of workout.

Every child is different and there are many 6 or 7 years old children who do aerial dancing.

The contraindications for this kind of workout are more related to the condition of one’s body.

IMPORTANT: Before training aerial dance, consult a physician or physiotherapist for any previous accidents or injuries, especially related to the backbone (cervical and lumbar). Other contraindications include pregnancy, epilepsy, hypertension or mental disease.

The workout should begin with a general warm-up and end with stretching, covering in particular the hands, arms, shoulders and lumbar spine. It is important to stretch your legs if you want to make your body more flexible.

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