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Daisy Chain for aerial hammocks


Shipping time: 3 dni

Daisy Chain

A multi-function chain with loops 13 mm wide.

Length: 120 cm

Durability – 22 kN

The colour may differ from the one in the photo!

A daisy chain makes it possible to change the height of the hammock – to either raise or lower it.

A daisy chain should not be used as a sole rigging point. Consequently, when you are buying a daisy chain, make sure to purchase an additional carabiner – the one end of the hammock is rigged permanently to the rigging point, while you can adjust the other end of the hammock by changing the daisy chain loops. (picture 2 and 3)

How to create your hammock+daisy chain set?

If you have chosen a 5 m/6 m/7 m fabric hammock with 1 carabiner:

+ add a daisy chain to the cart

+ add an extra (small) carabiner

If you have chosen a 5 m/6 m/7 m hammock with 2 carabiners:

+ pick a daisy chain


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