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You need strong arms for aerial - MYTH

Justynakozulska, 6 december 2020
You need strong arms for aerial - MYTH
What's the truth about arms strength in aerial? ???
✅ Strength is necessary, but many people forget, that the right technique is the base.
✅ When you climb the silk/rope correctly, you will see you don't need that much arm strength (at least at the beginning).
✅ Correct wrap of silks/rope on your feet will form a kind of step you then put your weight on, taking the weight from your arms.
To climb we use our legs as well. You use them everyday to walk, take advantage of their strength in aerial, too :)
✅ If you start from aerial yoga or dance in a hammock, you don't need strong arms at the beginning of your aerial journey.

➡ Remember: strength comes with regular training. ⬅

✅ Perform exercises correctly from the beginning:
- train only hanging just above the ground
- train your grip: exercise your finger and palm muscles
- think about arms technique while doing other exercises, as well
- remember to pull your shoulder blades together and down
- stretch your arms after each training

⛔ The worst position for our arms is the elbows slightly bent - that makes it way harder for our muscles to hold our body weight.
⛔ We should also avoid hanging on passive muscles. If we don't properly engage our shoulder and back muscles we may have an injury: incorrect engagement of muscle groups overloads them, causes tension and trauma.

We hope this article was useful for you.
Soon we will publish new posts with knowledge about aerial. Team


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