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5 tips before buying an aerial yoga hammock

Justynakozulska, 27 december 2020
5 tips before buying an aerial yoga hammock

Here you can find some useful tips you should remember before buying an aerial/air yoga hammock.

If you do aerial/air yoga in a yoga or dance studio and want to have an aerial hammock at home but do not know how to fix it, learn more about what you should pay attention to when choosing
a place to exercise at home.

An aerial hammock is a piece of special fabric suspended above the ground. It can be used for doing many pleasant stretching exercises, strengthening your body or meditation. You can well use it as a swing or for children to play with.

In this paper we will discuss the issue of an aerial hammock length versus your room height.

We will tell you how much room you need for an aerial hammock. You will also learn how to fix an aerial hammock to the ceiling.

If you intend to use an aerial yoga hammock indoors, make sure you know the room height and choose the right aerial hammock length.

E.g. 2.2-2.5 m high rooms – use a 5 m long fabric piece for the aerial hammock

2.5-2.8 m high rooms – use a 6 m long fabric piece for the aerial hammock

3 m or higher rooms – use a 7 m long fabric piece for the aerial hammock


If you buy an aerial hammock which is too long, you can shorten it by tying knots.

If you buy an aerial hammock which is too short you will either not be able to do all exercises or will have to hang it on an extension, e.g. strap/sling that you will have to buy anyway.

Think how much space you will need around to do the figures and sequences safely. You definitely don’t want to hit your head against the floor, furniture or wall!

The minimum distance of the exercising person from the furniture, walls or other exercising persons is 1 m on each side.
It means that if an aerial hammock is in a centre of a circle, the circle diameter should be at least 1 m.

If you intend to hang an aerial hammock at home, there are many solutions to do it.

If you have a beam around which the rigging can be wrapped you can fix the aerial hammock with a climbing strap/loop and carabiners.

If you have a concrete or reinforced concrete ceiling – you can mount a special hook to which carabiners are attached.

A sample safe mounting set with mounting instructions can be found here.

NEVER fix an aerial hammock in:

- brick ceiling

- suspended ceiling

- ceiling in a tenement house filled with straw

- in wooden beams and door frames screwing the hook under the beam/frame

Always check if your aerial yoga hammock is covered by
a guarantee
, which means that if any of its parts are subject to
a fault, they will be replaced or repaired free of charge. 

Remember that this is not standard exercising equipment and you have to trust it. The guarantee covers only the hammocks which are used as intended.

Read more how to do it.

Remember to exercise not wearing shoes, jewellery, sharp clothing items and accessories (watches, belts, clothes with studs and zips).
The fabric is durable all over its area but if you pierce it with a sharp object or cut it with scissors, you will weaken its structure.
One hole certainly will not cause the aerial hammock degradation but it is better and nicer to exercise in an aerial hammock which is not damaged.

Remember to wash your aerial hammock – untie the knots and remove the accessories before washing. 30 degrees Celsius, standard washing powder and no fabric conditioner will be the perfect washing conditions for aerial hammocks and silks.

Thank you for reading.
We hope this article was useful and interesting for you.
We will soon post new articles and tutorials. team


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