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Anchor Point


Shipping time: 3 dni

Anchor point for aerial props

A safe way to mount an aerial hoop, aerial silks or a yoga hammock / sling.

Anchor point protects a user against a fall from a height.

It cannot be used for lifting loads.

Set contains:

aluminum anchoring element

2x M12 / 25/45 segment anchors made of galvanized steel

installation manual

On your own:

- drill 

- necessary tools (keys)

Technical specifications:

Material: aluminum alloy using pressure casting technique.

Strength: 12 kN in any direction.

The maximum load that could be transmitted in service from the device to the static construction - 9 kN.

Installation: installation in concrete or steel.

Safety: the set is certified and complies with the EN 795: 2012 type A strength standard.


The kit can be installed in concrete or steel.

The concrete base should be even and compact. In the case of steel, it should have a thickness of min. 3mm

How to assemble the kit:

In the ceiling, we drill 2 holes at a distance of 10 cm from each other

We can make a mistake in drilling them by 5mm

The diameter of the holes is selected according to the diameter of the anchors in the set

we install a hook with anchors from the kit.

The anchors are tightened with a torque wrench with a torque not exceeding 40 Nm.


Increasing the tightening torque may damage or break the aluminum structure of the anchor.


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