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Aerial Yoga Hammock AIR230 set


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AIR230 Yoga Hammock 2 carabiners

A professionally designed top-quality yoga hammock for home use, for a yoga or dance studio,

and for professional use by aerial yoga enthusiasts of all proficiency levels.

Made of soft and flexible fabric, 230 cm wide,

it stretches up to 300-330 cm to allow a comfortable relaxing lying pose with arms and legs straight.

Pleasant to the touch, it does not stretch lengthwise.

It can be used indoors and outdoors.

Length: choose the variant

Width: 230 cm (it stretches to 300 cm)

The set contains:

- A fabric of the selected length with tied knots

- 2 twisted oval carabiners, strength 22 kN

Warranty: 2 years

Which hammock length is right for you?

In short:

A room 2.2 to 2.5 m high – AIR 5 m

A room 2.6 to 3.0 m high – AIR 6 m

A room 3.1 to 4.5 m high – AIR 7 m

Quick mounting:

It can be quickly and simply mounted using the existing rigging point(s) on the ceiling.

Mount the hammock on a rigging point or a system withstanding several times the weight of the user:

- triple for static exercises

- 12-fold for dynamic exercises

How was the AIR hammock created?

The hammock is the outcome of 10 years of our experience with aerial yoga and it responds to the needs of the users. With the technical possibilities available in Poland, we have created a hammock that is “thicker” than the products sent from the East, and as such more durable. It is an excellent compromise between a hammock from the East and one from a “natural” fabric.

Why is that?

The thin Eastern hammocks are too slick and they dig into the body. (We have tested both types).

An AIR hammock is a compromise between flexibility, thickness and softness.

Storage and maintenance:

Keep in a dry place at an ambient temperature, away from sharp and coarse objects.
Wash at 40 degrees Celsius (without the hardware: the carabiners). Untie the knots before washing.

Please note:

While putting up the hammock, please be careful with the carabiner so as not to damage the fabric.
Before every use, check if the fabric has any holes or snags.
A hammock with serious damage is not usable.
Exercise without shoes, belts, protruding jewellery and other sharp objects.


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