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Aerial Hoop 1 point set with velvet sling rigging


  • black
  • navy blue
  • claret
  • silver
Shipping time: 3 dni

Aerial Hoop or Lyra with carabinier and velvet sling rigging loop

Set contains:

- aerial hoop (choosed diameter)

- velvet sling loop 1m long (choose color)

- 2 carabiniers

Aerial hoop velvet sling:

Professional sling for aerial hoop, durable and soft to the touch.

The sling connects the aerial hoop with a rigging point in the ceiling, thanks to which we can safely and comfortably suspend the aerial hoop at home or in a fitness or dance studio.

Its professional appearance and softness will make it look elegant at shows and will give you to perform various techniques on the lyra.
Perfect for aerial hoop photo shoots!

The limit suspension is according to the standards that are responsible for your safety and comfort of training and performances. The sling is made of polyester and trimmed with velvet material, which increases the comfort of exercise. The charm of velvet sling makes it beautiful in photos and videos and is very practical.

Aerial hoop:

Made in Poland, attested, with a 5-year warranty.

Diameter: 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105 and 110 cm – and any other if specifically ordered.

The hoop is made of a tube 2.69 cm in diameter, powder-coated black.

Velvet sling:

Technical details:

Filling: yarn
Cover: polyester
Cover: velvet
Length: 1 meter
Safety factor: 7: 1

The sling has a central seam - invisible in the photos, which means that the cover does not slide off the sling during practice

It has safety standards and a declaration of conformity.

Easy assembly and height adjustment.


FIXE steel oval with twist lock.

Carabiner manufactured by the famous Spanish company FIXE. Its relatively small size will allow us to "not lose height" to hang an aerial hoop or aerial silks or aerial hammocks.

Technical parameters:

Longitudinal strength: 23 kN

Weight: 170 g

CE 0321 - EN 362: 2004 / B


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