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Aerial Hoop full set with height change


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Aerial Hoop - "circus" /lyra  with a 2 carabiners and a belt with eyelets enabling height adjustment

Set contains:
- aerial hoop (choose diameter)
- changing altitude belt (for aerial hoop)
The extension strap is a special tape with stitching that allows height adjustments for the aerial hoop
- 2 small carabiners 

Why is it worth having a belt and 2 carabiners as an aerial hoop accessory?
The extension belt is very useful because it allows you to quickly change the height of the wheel suspension. It can be used at home, during training of various techniques or during classes in a school / dance studio to adjust the height to the height and skills of the person exercising.

The belt works well in rooms from 2.5 m high to 4.5 m high.

Aerial hoop:
Made in Poland, attested, with a 5-year warranty.
Diameter: 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105 and 110 cm – and any other if specifically ordered.
The hoop is made of a tube 2.69 cm in diameter, powder-coated black.

FIXE steel oval with twist lock.
Carabiner manufactured by the famous Spanish company FIXE. Its relatively small size will allow us to "not lose height" to hang an aerial hoop or aerial silks or aerial hammocks.
Technical parameters:
Longitudinal strength: 23 kN
Weight: 170 g
CE 0321 - EN 362: 2004 / B

The extension belt:
Can withstand loads up to 20kN = 2000 kg. so 2 people can safely exercise on it.
Technical details:
- belt with loops,
- adjustment every 12 cm,
- possibility of mounting in rooms from 2.5 m to 4.5 m high,
- certified stitching of loops,
- intuitive assembly,
- made of polyester,
- strength: 20kN = 2000kg.


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