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Aerial Hoop 1 rigging point

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Aerial Hoop or Lyra

Made in Poland, attested, with a 5-year warranty.

Diameter: 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105 and 110 cm – and any other if specifically ordered.

The hoop is made of a tube 2.69 cm in diameter, powder-coated black.


1 point why is it worth it?

 The most popular hoop. Used on tournaments and championships.

It can be simply rig with or without swivel.

It swings like a pendulum clock when you put Your weigh on one side.

One strop at the upper bar gives You possibility to practice different positions.




How to choose a right diameter?


There are two main methods to calculate what size lyra you need:

1) Sit on a chair or on the floor  with strait spine. Measure from the seat of the chair / or a floor to the top of your head and add 10cm.

2) Stand up straight with legs together on the floor.  Measure from the floor to pelvis (hip spike), add 5 cm.

It is how You measure outside diameter of aerial lyra.

If You got used to work with inner diameter, add 5 cm to Your result.


1. In this method You can easily sit on hoop - good for begginers.

2. This method ensure You can touch the hoop with Your feet (for example in a back balance position).

For kids:

Kids grow so fast, so You can buy the exact diameter, but You can also buy a little too big hoop. If for now it can be too big, You can place feet a little on a side of a bar, not on the top.

If the hoop is too small it can be difficult to "write your body in" the hoop - or you will need a lot of contortion;)

For duo:

Consider buying a bigger hoop (105/110 cm) to have enough place;)


How to choose diameter of aerial hoop - suggestions:

  • < 1.45 = Ø 80cm
  • 1.45m à 1.56m = Ø 85cm
  • 1.56m à 1.62m = Ø 90cm
  • 1.62m à 1.68m = Ø 95cm
  • 1.68m à 1.74m = Ø100cm
  • 1.74m à 1.80m = Ø105cm
  • 1.80m à 1.86m = Ø110cm and for duo


How to rig Aerial Hoop?

Use one of our sling:

velvet sling

black sling

strap with loops


Attach to the point of hoop with carabinier





Other equipment needed?

 Apart from Aerial hoop

You might also need:

Swivel - that allows You to make spinning techniques. Remeber! For swivel, you need and extra carabinier, to attache it to the anchor point!


You might also need tapes - colorful tapes for wrapping a hoop.

Choose color You like and add 2 tapes (for 1 hoop You need app. 1-1,5 tape).

You can add a comment to Your order: please tape my hoop and we will do it for free for You;)





Made in Poland, attested, with a 5-year warranty.

Diameter: 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105 and 110 cm – and any other if specifically ordered.

The hoop is made of ahigh quality steel tube 2.69 cm in diameter, powder-coated black.

BLL : 1400-5000kg

WLL: SF 5:1 = 300 kg; SF 10:1 = 140 kg

Weight : from 5 kg uo to 6 kg (depending on diameter)


Watch our video, how to choose right diameter:

How to tape hoop on Your own:

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