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Aerial Hammock with swivel SET


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Aerial Hammock


1 rigging point

various lengths

An aerial hammock designs to be used in flats or in low yoga/fitness studios.

You only need one rigging point.

A hammock to be hung under the ceiling or in the door frame for both hanging and sitting, standing poses.
A ready set
to be rigged on a hook in a house or in a flat for safe workout.

Why do I need swivel?

Swivel: this is a special accessory that allows free rotation (spinning), thus preventing the material from twisting. Free spin while dancing in the air is extremely effective and pleasant. Dancing on a hammock, thanks to the swivel, we can enrich our choreography with rotating elements.

Perfect for workout but also as an interesting alternative to a pouf or an armchair and a swing for kids.

Rigged at one point only, it can be quickly mounted/dismantled.

The set contains:

- 3 steel carabiners 22 kN
- fabric of the length of your choice tied at the tips for easy rigging

- 1 swivel

So in short:

2,2-2,5m of room - hammock 5m

2,6-3m - hammock 6m

3,1-4m - hammock 7m

JUST fabric - medium stretch Aerial Fabric

- The longest in the market, designed for universal workout

– Excellent for aerial dance, aerial acrobatics

- The fabric is excellent for children.

- It is highly flexible and it fits well in the hand of a child.

- it is easy to climb and wrap

More information:

Fabric width: 160 cm (+-5 cm)

The hammock is highly stretchy lengthwise (10%), the stretchiness decreasing with use.

The hammock also stretches widthwise a bit, which allows users taller than the width of the material to position themselves inside comfortably.

It withstands a dynamic load of up to 800 kg, static load: 1380 kg.

In practice, it can be used by 2 people of a total maximum weight of 200 kg.

The fabric is made in Poland.
The fabric is attested in conformity with the standard: PN-EN ISO 13934-1:2013-07

JUST - Voltige - Firetoys?

What is the difference?

Our silks differ from the Voltige ones - Just is more stretchy, more wide and not so thin.

Is different from Firetoys - Just is more stretchy, more wide - so beautiful coocoons and butterflies;)

Mount the hammock on a rigging point or a system withstanding several times the weight of the user:
- triple weight for static exercises
- 12-times the weight for dynamic exercises 

Storage and maintenance:

Keep in a dry place at an ambient temperature, away from sharp and coarse objects.
Wash at 40 degrees Celsius (without the hardware: the carabiners). Untie the knots before washing.

Please note:

While putting up the hammock, please be careful with the carabiner so as not to damage the fabric.
Before every use, check if the fabric has any holes or snags.
A hammock with serious damage is not usable.
Exercise without shoes, belts, protruding jewellery and other sharp objects.


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